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Book Promotion

                       Promotion Ideas


How to Gain Attention for a Self-Published Book

Website: http://www.wikihow.com/Gain-Attention-for-a-Self-Published-Book


Top 10 Book Promotion Strategies


1.    Social networking and social media: 94 percent

2.    Blogging: 84 percent

3.    Seeking book reviews: 75 percent

4.    Seeking testimonials and endorsements: 73 percent

5.    Press releases: 68 percent

6.    Email marketing: 62 percent

7.    Radio and television talk shows: 62 percent

8.    Speaking events: 60 percent

9.    Article marketing: 57 percent

10. Book signings: 56 percent


Get Your Digital House in Order


To effectively promote your book, make sure that you have a website and a blog, plus some social networking profiles (Facebook and Twitter are most popular, but for some books LinkedIn or Pinterest may be a better fit). Make sure you schedule some time every day to engage with people. You need to make an investment in your career and brand, and today that investment means having a digital marketing strategy all year round.


Join the Websites Below- They are free websites that will list your book, author bio, and book events. Just  join and follow the directions for posting  information. Very easy!


A.   goodreads.com

B.   authorcentral.com

C.   authorsden.com

D.   shelfari.com


Need a Website Designer

Jodi Wilson is a website designer. She was recommended by one of our authors. Contact her at webmedia20@gmail.com . You can see a sample of her work at www.deniedevidence.com.

Scribd http://www.scribd.com/about


What is Scribd?

Scribd is a digital library. For $8.99 a month, users can download and read as many books as they want. Scribd content reaches an audience of 80 million people around the world every month.


How Scribd can Help Authors

Scribd is constantly looking to expand their digital library. Please contact them if you'd like to make your ebooks available via their subscription offering. Their content acquisition team will contact your.  Submission: http://www.scribd.com/publishers


Red Orchid Publishing


What is Red Orchid Publishing?

Melanny Henson

Traditional Publisher (No charge to author to get your book published. They take new manuscripts and author’s books that have already been published through self- publishing or print on demand such as CreateSpace and Xlibris. As with traditional publisher, the author shares profits made off book with Red Orchid.)

Website: http://redorchidpublishing.com/

Email: redorchidpublishing@gmail.com


The NewPages Classifieds

Calls for Submissions

The NewPages Classifieds is a great online resource for writers. It post print and online magazines, newspapers, websites accepting submissions of poetry, fiction, essays, book reviews, art, and photography.


Visit NewPages Classifieds for lists of publications and details http://www.newpages.com/classifieds/calls 


When self-publishing it is very important to find out if the company tracks sales and pays royalties. Some companies you pay for one time printing of a quantity of books and you sell, others sell though Amazon. and Barnes and Noble online bookstores, track book sells, and pay quarterly royalties.


·         Xlibris

           Website: http://www2.xlibris.com

·         Babybook

           Website: http://www.bookbaby.com/services/book-printing

·         Createspace

           Website: https://www.createspace.com

·         Lulu

           Website: http://www.lulu.com/publish/books

·         Ebook Smashwords


 Books on Consignment


Tips for placing books in bookstores

1.    Get a recite for books placed in the store

2.    Contact the business once a month to check on book sales.

3.    Give the business a couple of self-addressed and stamped envelopes to mail you the book sales.

Turn Your Print Book Into an Audio Book


Here is the link you will need if they wish to use Amazon's Audible.com for turning print books into audio: http://www.acx.com/.

Getting Rejection Slips?

 Manuscript Evaluation Service

RT Book Reviews
If you are getting rejection slips on a book that you really believe in, or if you just want to know if the first three chapters of your current work is commercial material, you might want to check out RT BOOK REVIEWS Manuscript Evaluation Service at http://www.rtbookreviews.com/content/manuscript-evaluation-service .

Manuscript Editing and Proofreading Services

Unbiased Opinion

Consultant Janie Doss 

Email: jdunbiasedopinion@gmail.com

The final part of the writng process is polishing your manuscript before it's offered to a publisher. Janie Doss can help you during this stage of the process. A writer herself, Janie has co-authored three teacher resource books, acted as an editor/proofreader for Mark Twain Media Publishing, and is a member of The Childern's and Young Adult Book Review Board of Missouri (BRB).

Books for Writers

Check out these great writing resource books! Click on the title and it will link you to the Readers Digest Shop where you can learn more about the book.

 What Would Your Character Do?

20 Master Plots

Writers Workshop In A Book

The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need

Elements Of Writing Fiction: Conflict, Action & Suspense

The Power Of Point Of View

Writing and Publishing Tips for Authors


Tips for Writing an Autobiography


Definition: An account of a person's life written by that person.


You do not have to be famous to write your own autobiography. Many people simply write down their autobiography because they enjoy writing while others write to preserve their life story for future generations, never intending for their life story to be read by anyone other than their own family.

Get a Feel for the Work
1. One of the best ways to learn how to write an autobiography is to read some of the great life stories that have been committed to print.

2. Choose a category or person that inspires you and read several examples of how great life stories are shared with the public.

3.Reading different styles of writing can help you get a better feel for how to write an autobiography that will best suit your life story.

Intended Audience
1. Determine who your intended audience will be. If you are writing your life story to give to your grandchildren as a keepsake, your word choices and tone will be drastically different than if your intended audience is the public.

Develop a Core Concept
1. Most great autobiographies have a core concept that unifies the entire life story throughout the book. Persevering love, faith in the face of hardship, overcoming the odds, and rags to riches are all inspiring themes.

2. Determining one main reoccurring theme that defines the story of your life will help weave continuity and interest throughout your autobiography.

Outline Your Life
1. Determine where your journey with the reader will begin. Will you start with your birth, or skip your childhood and begin with your first true love? Some writers choose to list their story chronologically form their birth to the present day. Others opt to arrange their book according to themes or major events.

2. Whichever format you choose, having a written outline will help keep you organized.

Writing Tools
1. If you find that you are struggling to write your autobiography, you may want to try using autobiography templates. Autobiography templates are a series of questions that ask you about your life. You simply answer the questions and the templates arrange your answers into story form.

2. Autobiography templates are not as creative as the old-fashioned writing process, but they can get you off to a great start. They can help you break through writer’s block and help keep you on track. Various programs are available for purchase and some genealogy websites offer limited versions free of charge.

3. A good dictionary, thesaurus, and word processing program are indispensable tools when writing an autobiography. These can be found online, borrowed from your local library or purchased separately.

Keep Your Focus
1. Find a quiet time every day to write when you can get lost in your thoughts and let your thoughts flow from your fingertips. Some writers prefer early morning hours while other write better late at night. Find a time that fits your schedule and set a regular appointment to write your story.

2. It may be helpful to surround your work area with inspiring items such as family photos, inspirational quotes and your favorite music. Keeping your focus on why you are writing your autobiography may be difficult as time progresses.

3. Write out a mission statement that describes the inspiration for writing your autobiography and refer to it when you feel a drop in your motivation.

Enlist Others to Help
1. Editing can be a difficult process even for a professional writer. Enlisting the help of your friends and family can make the task of editing your finished autobiography easier. Several people may each find spelling and grammar mistakes that others may miss.

2. Keep in mind that while suggestions are offered, you do not have to make every change suggested by each person. As the author, you have the final say on what changes will be made.

Writing your autobiography can be an enlightening and enjoyable process. By following a structured plan and working to keep your focus and motivation, your life story in print may soon be a reality that will be treasured by your loved ones for generations to come.












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