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Meet the Home Grown Authors

 Billie R. Armstrong- Non Fiction/True Life/Inspirational

 Author of Survival on a Coral Planet, The First Voyage

Also does speaking engagements

 Email: 2ww@sbcglobal.net


Ilene Bates-Fiction/Historical Romance

Author of Moment in Time, Shadows in the Mist. 

Also does speaking engagements.

Contact for details.

Website: http://www.ilenewriter.com/

Contact: ilenebates@yahoo.com


June Spires Barnhart-

True Life/Inspirational

Author of Diabetes: One Step at a Time

Also does speaking engagements

Contact:  jubarnh@centuryling.com


Stormi Bradley - Literary Fiction

Author of Rain, Rain, Go Away

Contact: stormi.reagan@cox.net

Mary Boll -Cookbooks


Author of MeMa's Manna Recipes for the Busy Person, MeMa's Manna 2: Simple Easy Budget Wise Recipes, MeMa’s Manna 3: Better Than Take Out

Email: dmboll@windstrem.net


Samantha R. Chandler- True Life/Inspirational


Author of A Love Story: How God Pursued Me and Found Me

Email: samchan@bellsouth.net

Website: www.samantharyanchandler.com

Zona Crabtree-Adventure


Author of Gray Wolf, The Travelers, White Dove, The Return, and Shadow of the Hawk

Email: zonamae@windstream.net

Website: http://www.zonacrabtree.com/


R.E. Eves- Fantasy/ Science Fiction

Author of Nickel Moon


Daniel Ferguson - Fantasy/Adventure

 Author of The Dagger Key and The Lost Treasures of Kebadon

Contact: wetpaintstudioo@gmail.com


Harriet Ford -Suspense/Christian


Author of Shadow in The Rain,
Frankly Madame I Don’t Give a Dear, Beware of the Third Circle,
and If God Wants Me Well, Why Am I Sick?
Also does speaking engagements.
Contact for details.

Contact: harrietf@centurytel.net


 Wesley Fox- Suspense/Mystery

 Author of The Dark Craft


David Gerard- Inspirational


Author of God's Acres

Email: davidgjurk@yahoo.com

Website: www.davidgerardart.com

Lanny Gibson-Life Humor/Literary Fiction

Author of The Magic of Scrub Holler, Scrub Holler Revisited, Homeless Willy, and House of Love.

Also does speaking engagements.  Contact for information.

Contact: gibsons34@windstream.net


 Joyce Godwin Grubbs-



Author of The Monday Night Fight Club, Mysteries of The Dogwood Diaries, Greyhound Lady, and Jason's Love is W.A.R

Email: 4loveofagreyhound@gmail.com

Website: www.joycegodwingrubbs.webs.com


John Hacker/Randy Turner- True Life/Inspirational

Authors of 5:41: Stories from the Joplin Tornado, and Spirit of Hope: The Year After the Joplin Tornado


Ann M. Jayne- Children/Young Adult

Author of Kory's Jungle

Email: amjayne@cox.net

Website: www.annmjayne.tateauthro.com


Carol Levergood- Non Fiction/True Life/Inspirational


Author of: Fried Green Bananas, Banana Split Decision, and Whatever Floats Your Banana Boat

Also does speaking engagements

Email: blevergood@gobbc.edu

Website: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/blevergood


Susie Macomber- Psychology/Self-help 

Author of Into Fear and Back. 

Also does speaking engagements. 

Contact for information.

Website: http://www.susiemacomber.com/

Contact: susie@susiemacomber.com


Nancy Clopton Myers-Nature/Pet

Author-Never Kiss A Turtle: The Joys and Sorrows of Pet Ownership

Contact: nancymyers@kc.surewest.net

Ronald Powell- Historical Fiction/Adventure


Author of  South Through Bare Foot Pass, Tiddleson, son of Tiddle, A Stranger in London Smoke, and Life along the Dousinberry.


 Gary A. Sartin- Non Fiction/True Life/Inspirational

 Author of Wild Heritage, and Wild and Innocent and Free

Also does speaking and performing engagements

Email: lindarosesartin@gmail.com

Don Schmedeke-Autobiography


Author of Three Feet to Now: My American Journey

Website: http://www.threefeettonow.com/


Kathleen Stamate-Reference/Historical


Author of NEED A NAME?

Over 2600 Intriguing American Headstone Names From 1800 – 1930

Contact: skstamate@hotmail.com


G. David Walker – Fantasy


Author of From a Far Land, first book of the Jaben's Rift trilogy

Website: http://www.gdavidwalker.com/

Contact: gdavidwalker@hotmail.com 


Allan Young - Self-help, Romance, Young Adult

Author of 27 books, including The New Reverand, The Coal Digger, The Stonefaced Legend, Angel of the Ozarks, and How to Get That Job and Keep It. Also does speaking engagements on numerous topics. Contact for information. 

Contact: highlandplace@peoplepc.com

 Laura L. Valenti-Historical Fiction/Christan Romance


Author of The Heart of the Spring, Between the Star and the Cross: The Choice. 
Also does speaking engagements. Contact for details.


Jerry Wible- Fiction


Author of Beyond Possum Trot, Gene Therapy to Die For, Gini's Island, King With Nine Fingers, Lingering Casualties of Love and War, and To Novaya Zemlya. 

 Websites:  www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JerryCWible


 Contact: jwible@sbcglobal.net




  CC Brown - Thriller/Suspense/Mystery/Adventure

CC Brown is the pseudonym adopted by authors Schyrlet Cameron, Carolyn Craig, and Kathy Brown.

Authors of Dark Side, Black Widow Society, Wolf Stone, and Wet, Wild & Woodsy- a new cookbook. Recently awarded "Best of Show" at the Northern Oklahoma Literary Arts Book Festival.  Also does speaking engagements. Contact for details.

Website: http://www.ccbrownbooks.com/

Contact: hartkopfcarolyn@hotmail.com


Carolyn Boyd- Historical Fiction

Author of The Langston Saga

Website: www.carolynboyd.net

Email: cwboyd@juno.com

Ken Bavuso- Non-fiction/True Life/Inspirational 


 Author of A Traveler's Guide to Understanding


R. Dwain Burton- True Life/Inspirational

Author of  Not Too Late To Weep

Email: ozarkhills1@yahoo.com


Ann Charlotte- Thriller/Suspense/Mystery


Author of Spellbound

Also does speaking engagements

Website: www.anncharlotteenterprises.com

Contact: annebush@hotmail.com

Sharon Cummings- Nonfiction/True Life/Inspirational


Author of I Choose This Day: Mournings and Miracles of Adoption.

Email: sfiekercummins@gmail.com

Website: http://www.ichoosethisday.org/


David Dickerson - Christian/Political Commentary


Author of ON BOARD: To a Safer, Smarter, And Healthier America

 Website: http://www.attaboypublishing.com/

Contact: dld02@windstream.net


Kim Doll- Fantasy


Author of Keeper of the Canines

Website: www.kimdoll.com

 Contact: info@kimdoll.com


Rick East-True Life/Christian/Inspirational

 Author of A Glimpse of Glory: My Journey to Heaven and Back


Rick Elliott-Action/Thriller


Author of The Reluctant Martyr

Website: http://www.risingriverpress.com/

Contact: rick_janelliott@sbcglobal.net

Rich Eskew- Historical Fiction/Adventure

 Author of A Tale of Three Journeys

 Email: threejourneys@yahoo.com

Derlyne Gibson-Fiction/Children

Author of The Long, Hard Road to Freedom.  Also does speaking engagements.  Contact for information.

Contact: gibsons34@windstream.net


Kristen Hawkins- Inspirational

Author of Generations of Chains


 Email: khawk_pnp@hotmail.com


Heno Head Jr. - Educational


Author of: Simple Science Object Talks, Super Fun Science, God MadeOur Bodies, God Made Outer Space, God Made Dinosaurs, Ozark Tales and Trails: A Coloring Book, and Camp Barnabas.

Also does speaking engagements.

Contact: zoocroo@suddenlink.net


Betty Craker Henderson-Life Humor/Literary Fiction

Author of Child Support (Romance Novel of the Year - Missouri Writers Guild), Mysteries of the Ozarks I-III, From Trash to Treasure: The Evolution of an Ozarks Junkyard

Website: http://www.bettychenderson.blogspot.com

Contact: bchenderson39@yahoo.com

Nancy Hughes- Non-fiction/True Life/Inspirational 


 Author of Healing of the Heart: Survival in the World of the Widow

Email: nancyehughes@hotmail.com


Karla Lowe-Phelps- Children/Christian

 Author of Yama the Llama off to Bethlehem, and Yama the Llama off to Jerusalem


Lucinda Mills- True Life/Inspirational

Author of  Let Yesterday Go

Website: www.lucindamills.tateauthor.com

Email: lucindaletyesterdaygo@yahoo.com


Janice Moon- Historical Romance/Fantasy, Christian Inspirational


Author of The Fall of the Year  and Mark's Remarkable Summer

Email: janmoon784@gmail.com


Ellen Mitchell-Inspirational

Hospice Stories: A Message of Hope.  Also does speaking engagements.  Contact for information. 

Website: http://www.ellenmitchell.com/

Contact: jemitchell2@juno.com

 Bob Martin- Non Fiction/True Life/Inspirational



Email: mjobob@att.net

SJ McMillian- Science Fiction/Fantasy


Author of City of the Gods: The Descendant

Website: www.mcmillansj.com

Velma Merritt- Fiction/Christian Romance


 Author of River of Love


Elaine Orr- Thriller/Suspense/Mystery


Author of:  Any Port in a Storm, Biding Time, Appraisal for Murder, Rekindling Motives, When the Carny Comes to Town, and Trouble on the Doorstep

Website: www.elaineorr.com

Barry Powell- Suspense/Mystery

Author of Love Has a Double Edge

Website: www.barrypowellauthor.com

Email: bazgolf46@yahoo.com


Ellisa Reese-Fiction/Romance

Author of On The Banks of Lake St Clare: Falling (Volume 1), and On the Banks of Lake St Clare - Forbidden (Volume 2)

Email: ellisareese@gmail.com


Kay Rose- Historical Fiction


Author of No God, No Hell, No Churches, No Saloons.

Email: kmr@keinet.net


Penny Robichaux-Koontz -True Life


 Author of I Thought You Had a Bigger Dream. 

Also does speaking engagements.

Contact for details.

Email: penny@jacobshouse.org

Website: http://www.pennyrobichauxkoontz/


Nikkie Ross - Children's

Author of Dear Old Granny's Nursery Rhymes, More Dear Old Granny's Stories and Rhymes, and Don't Eat the Strawberry Flies

Kitty Sutton- Historical Fiction/Adventure

Email: kittyandcompany@centurytel.net

Website: www.kittysutton.weebly.com

 Sharon Rushton- Non Fictional/True Life/Inspirational


 Author of No Paved Road To Freedom

Also does speaking engagements

Email: sharon@nopavedroadtofreedom.com

Website:  tp://www.nopavedroadtofreedom.com/


Nicci Sefton- Thriller/Suspense/Mystery


Author of Deadly Sins Series: Luxuria, Invidia, Superbia

Email: deadlysinseries@yahoo.com

Website: www.thedeadlysinsbooks.com


Sandy Shell- Romance


Author of Temptation with Luggage

Also does speaking engagements.

Website: www.sandyshell.com

Contact: svsox@yahoo.com

Tony Stephenson- Non Fiction/True Life/Inspirational


Author of The Ozarks A Personal History

Email: stephenson9408@sbsglobal.net

Kitty Sutton-Historical Fiction/Adventure


 Author of Wheezer and the Painted Frog

Email: kittyandcompany@centurytel.net

Website: www.kittysutton.weebly.com

Laurence Stoll- Christian Romance/Adventure

Author of Sometimes, soon to be re-released under the title The Happy Accident

Website: http://thehappyaccidentbook.com/

Contact: llstoll@sofnet.com

Richard O. Snelson- Historical Fiction


Author of The Hawksbill Crag

Website: www.thehawksbillcrag.com

Contact: rsnelson0984@mchsi.com


Dan Trogdon- Humor/Satire


Author of And So It Goes

Website: www.andsoitgoescartoons.com


Colleen Tucker- Thriller/Suspense/Mystery


 Author of The Legend of the Golden Huaca

Also does speaking engagements

Contact: colleen40quail@yahoo.com

 Arno Wehr- Humor

 Author of Indian Point Short Stories: 1805-2005

 Email: arnoii@yahoo.com

 Judy F. Wilson-Fiction/Children

Author-The Adventures of Tripper: The Long Eared Rabbit



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